Mixing with visuals

Sometimes I’m a poet. Sometimes I’m a visual artist. Now and again I’m both. So it was at the Solent Showcase Gallery’s Make Your Mark exhibition where I was given a one-week residency to explore the city of Southampton through an alternative mapping approach of my choice. That approach is summarised here, so I won’t repeat it. Instead, here is a selection of the short (some very short) poems and epithets that formed part of my piece Material Culture:

The sea is near
but out of reach.

Forest View –
I see no trees, only
and franchised eateries.

The spring
escapes its culvert,
I stride upstream,
water lapping at boot-tops.

In a sliver of city woodland,
someone’s summer home –
brick-built hearth,
forgotten guyrope,
tidy pile of litter for want of
council services –
now, they’ve fled the cold.

Glitz that lets the rain in, but we love it anyway.

Wondrous diversity,
‘home’ spoken in so many different languages –
all are enriched.

Clickety-clack on costly slabs,
tricks tried a thousandfold –
persistence lands one.

trees sprout paper fruit in the frost,
the red of good fortune.