What’s this Flash Fiction thing anyway?

Micro-fiction. 1,000 words max, or is it 500? Or 300? Complete stories? Probably, well possibly. No, I meant ‘probably’. Probably. Are they self-contained complete works, or ideas that only just germinated? Will they grow into longer pieces another time? What’s the difference between Flash Fiction and prose poetry? Well, you see the thing about prose-poems is, er, OK, sometimes they’re the same thing, but usually not. And they’re for page or performance or both. You see? OK, good.

24th June is National Flash Fiction Day for 2017 and the FlashFlood journalblog will be posting Flash Fictions throughout. One of mine will appear around 11pm and includes the words ‘green’, ‘Universe’ and ‘memo’. Others will appear otherly. So, drop in and see what you think Flash Fiction is – one thing’s for sure, it’s 500 words max. And page-based. This time.


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