I am based in Eastleigh near Southampton in southern England. Before becoming a writer and artist, I worked as an ecologist and taught Environmental Science, and elements of this can be seen in some of my work.

My writing is mainly in the form of poetry, with occasional bursts of flash fiction, and even some full-length Lovecraftian fan-fiction. I write for both page and performance, with main focuses on humour, politics, autobiography and everyday observation – vignettes of life if you like. I’m also fond of experimental wordplay; N+ poems, univocalism, that kind of thing, and host events such as the Art of Heritage poetry stage in Southampton.

As well as the titles on the Books page, I’ve been published in places such as South, Ink, Sweat and Tears and Zoomorphic, as well as in the anthologies in my Books page. I’ve run workshops on various topics including Sci-Fi and Oulipo, as well as for National Flash Fiction Day, and was commissioned by Eastleigh Museum to write and perform on the theme of the centenary of the WWI. I can be found throwing poems around at various open mics, showcases and so on in the south of England, organising and hosting wordy events, and have supported acts such as Jess Green, Francesca Martinez, Madi Maxwell-Libby, Rob Auton and Rob Gee. Some of my poems are a bit rude, mainly those aimed at politicians, but most aren’t, even though fellow poet (and Bard of Exeter) Rob Casey did describe me as a “potty-mouthed polymath”. Cheeky blighter. I also seem to collect Robs.

As well as the pages showcasing my writing and peformance, I blog about what I’ve been working on, pieces I find inspiring, and other related matters that grab my attention. Please do feel free to comment if you find your word-boat sufficiently floated.